Name: Akagi
Genre(s): Drama
Directed by: Yuzo Sato
Studio: Madhouse
Network(s): NTV
No. of seasons: 1
No. of episodes: 26
Series run: October 4, 2005 – March 28, 2006


The story revolves around the Mahjong gambling exploits of Shigeru Akagi. After a death-defying game of chicken one evening in 1958, Akagi nonchalantly enters a Yakuza Mahjong parlor to shake the cops' trail. Even unfamiliar with the rules of Mahjong, his gambling intuition is enough to save a small time gambler, Nangou, and grant him a seat at the gambling table. As the night progresses, the stakes are raised both within the game and for Akagi, who is under the suspicion of local police. However, Akagi overcomes the situation with his tactics, defiant of both life and chance. When he leaves the gambling house, no one present is in doubt of his genius.

During the story arc, Akagi faces and defeats several opponents in Mahjong, each with their own, distinct style of play. Akagi's genius ultimately allows him victory, by defeating the "behind the stage king" of Japan and becoming a legend.